For research and enjoyment

Stimulating Deliberation

Arts, Painting

Sacred Paintings/Thangkas and Paubhas of Nepal

Theatre, Performance Crafts

Phulam Japi/Hats of Assam

Natural Fiber

Coconut Shell, Fiber and Stem Craft of Assam

Tribal Crafts

Cane and Bamboo of Arunachal Pradesh

Ritual Arts/Crafts

Dhokra/Lost Wax Metal Casting of West Bengal


Stone Craft of Pakistan

Hand-Block Printing

Wooden Block Making for Hand Printing in Pethapur, Gujarat

Cane, Bamboo

Cane and Bamboo of Laos


Camel Leather Craft of Pakistan

Textiles, Weaving, Spinning, Khadi

Arani Silk Sari Weaving of Tamil Nadu

Silver, Gold, Precious Metals

Brass and Silver Filigree of Nepal

Games, Toys, Dolls, Kites, Sports

Rod Puppetry of West Bengal


Cire- Perdue / Lost Wax Metal Casting - Houshold Items and Utensils of Nepal


Batik on Leather of Shanti Niketan, West Bengal

Games, Toys, Dolls, Kites, Sports

Dolls and Toys of Tripura

Introductory essay: Block Prints
Mastani Meeta

One Block at a Time – Memories with Block Printers.
Tyabji, Laila

Chikankari : Printing and Block Making
Khan, Noor

The Keeper of Bela’s Block Printing History
D’Costa, Annabelle

A Cautionary Tale: Imperial stratagems and their impact on block-printing in India. 1700 -1900
Sethi, Ritu

Rediscovering Jajam

Humans of Block Printing: Photo Essay

Decoding copyright and design laws in hand block printing
Majumder, Shwetasree

A Legacy of Ajrakh– Abdul Jabbar Mohammad Khatri
Badamikar, Aarti

Words and Birds
Mastani, Meeta and Visser, Marlies

Innovation and Tradition- A Story of Collaboration between Chaubundi and Bindaas Unlimited
Mastani, Meeta

Beyond Blocks
Kaul, Mayank Mansingh

Interview with Kalawati Devi, Damodar Nama, Krishan Kumar Dosaya and Praveen Dosaya of Chaubundi, Kaladera Rajasthan
Mastani, Meeta

Rubedo || Li Chiao-Ping Dance
|| performed in WEIGHT OF THINGS concert 


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