Airline Playing Cards of the World

Art History/Craft History, Craft, Handloom, Art, Research

Airline Playing Cards of the World

Gordhandas, Kishor N.

Long before movies, video games and magicians and manicurists, magazines and playing cards were the only form of in-flight entertainment. Being a low cost item, and with lasting advertising value, an airline has captured the attention of passengers. As a general rule a card is defined as an airline card if an airline name, logo, or aircraft is imprinted on the box, back or face card, indicating it was issued by an airline company. There are also optional cards which include cards such as tourists and /or commercial souvenirs which may or may not be official airline issues. For many passengers, playing cards were also something they could take home as souvenirs of their flight experience. Indeed, playing cards have become one of the major collection categories of airline memorabilia, along with china and glassware, stickers, post cards and other items eagerly sought after at Collectible shows.
Almost all of the airlines give out packs of Cards to their customers that request them. Mostly these are given free, but some of the Airlines have begun to sell their cards. More important than using playing cards to keep passengers occupied in-flight, airlines have long recognized their values in sales promotion. Card designs have always included the carrier’s name, logo, fleet, ...


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