Archaeological Museum, Halebidu, Karnataka

Archaeological Museum, Halebidu, Karnataka

Archaeological Museum, Halebidu, Karnataka

Office of the Assistant Superintending Archaeologist,
Archaeological Museum Halebidu, Hoysalaehwara Temple Complex, Halebidu, Hassan, Karnataka
India 573121

M: +91 9900849096, +91 08177273227

E: [email protected]

Established in 1961, the Archaeological Museum Halebidu is one of the earliest museums in Karnataka. It has many traces of the Hoysala capital and its neighboring regions. Most of the objects displayed here belong to the Hoysala period (12-13th AD). This museum has more than 1500 sculptures, architectural members, inscriptions of historical significance retrieved from in and around Halebidu. The collection is displayed in a closed sculpture gallery as well as in an open air museum with a large reserve collection.

About the collection: The open air museum has in its display many sculptures of importance like Govardhanagiridhari Krishna, dancing Shiva, Nataraja and Veena Saraswati, dancing Ganesha, elegant couchant Nandi to name a few. The sculptures of Brahma-Saraswati, Nagna Kala Bhairava, Mother and Child, wooden carvings and a bronze statue of a Tirthankara have been the important display in the sculpture gallery. The masterpieces of this museum have represented Indian art in the various exhibitions held at France, Japan and other countries.