Namda Rolling Machine

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Namda Rolling Machine

Zufa Iqbal

Rolling of Kashmiri Namda (Felted rug) is a tiresome job that takes hours and a lot of efforts from artisans.To overcome this hectic process in its rolling, Zufa Iqbal the innovator has successfully designed a prototype model for rolling and manufacturing a Namda.

The model, Zafa says works on the principle of rotation and relative motion after material is wrapped around the main roller.

“The roller applies pressure on material. It takes just 30 minutes to make one piece of Namda with the machine thus reducing the workload which would take hours. A motor is also attached which rotates the roller,” Zufa said.

“I was watching a programme on TV about Namda work and I saw that everything is done manually for hours. I searched on internet whether any machine is developed for this work. Then idea came to my mind why not to develop such machine which can reduce the work load and time,” she said.

Zufa attributes this novel innovation to her parents whom she calls morale booster. “My friends always ask me how you spare time for such variety of things. My parents especially my father has been very  supportive and have encouraged my innovative pursuits,” she said.

In order to develop a prototype of her innovation Zufa Iqbal has registered her innovation with GIAN Cell – University of Kashmir. GIAN Cell has also submitted a proposal to National Innovation Foundation-India for support.




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