Joint Wood Craft of Kerala


Joint Wood Craft of Kerala

This craft is mainly practiced in Koyilandi or Quilandi and the surrounding areas of the Kozhikode district in Kerala.

Joint-wood craft is done with a high level of skill here. Any size of laminated wood, even if oddly shaped, can be used for this craft. However, only a superior quality of wood like teak, rose, coconut stem or white cedar are used as they do not crack and also add to the colour.

The wood is sliced or cut into small sizes by using table saw machine. The process is then to make holes in them and these holes are then joined together by using nylon thread to form the mats of different shapes and sizes. The mats are then given a coating of mansion polish by using cotton cloth and after sometime rubber to give them a fine finish.

The design is created not only by joined shapes but by the different colours of the wood pieces used. The technique of lamination of wood objects is unique to Kerala. Brass bands of pieces are used to embellish the wood articles, along with appliqué and embossing which gives rise to a new direction to the joint-wood craft. Some of the most popular designs are Star mats, Flower mats, oblong mats, stripped mats etc. The laminated joint wood table-mats can be used both as table-mats as well as decorative pieces. Joint-wood craft is a craft in which the artisans should have a great deal of patience, skill and concentration.




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