National Folklore Support Centre


National Folklore Support Centre

National Folklore Support Centre

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National Folklore Support Centre (NFSC) is a non-government, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Indian folklore research, education, training, networking, and publications. The aim of the Centre is to integrate scholarship with activism, aesthetic appreciation with community development, comparative folklore studies with cultural diversities and identities, dissemination of information with multi-disciplinary dialogues, folklore fieldwork with developmental issues and folklore advocacy with public programming events. Folklore is a tradition based on any expressive behavior that brings a group together, creates a convention and commits it to cultural memory. NFSC aims to achieve its goals through cooperative and experimental activities at various levels.

Some of its activities include:

Creation of resources for the folklore field The types of resources are databases, methodologies, library and archival collections, manuals and guides, reference works such as encyclopedia, replicable prototypes, publications and other media that act as forum for the field and create knowledge in a particular domain where there is a perceivable gap.

  • The NFSC portal for journals has full archives of the Indian Folklore Research Journal. Including Mukt-Saad and the Journal of the Folklore Research Department of Gauhati University.
  • The NFSC would be offering courses online that can be taken by independent scholars, students or teachers as part of a curriculum or as stand-alone modules.
  • NFSC has set up a Digital Community Archives in six locations across the country where indigenous communities and NFSC collaborators are archiving the life, customs and worldview of the community.
  • The Encyclopedia Indica set up by the NFSC aims to revitalize primary education and engagement with the environment. The Encyclopedia would examine and present scientific information and folklore surrounding plants and trees, animals, and birds found in India.
  • More information on their activities is available on their website.