Machiekash Artisans Production Centre


Machiekash Artisans Production Centre

Machiekash Artisans Production Centre

Dalgate, Buchwara
Jammu & Kashmir
Tel: +91-194-2451426
[email protected]
, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir

M: +91-194-2451426

E: [email protected]

A house of handmade artistic papier machie products/Other Kashmiri Handicrafts, Machiekash Artisans Production Centre was established as a Society in 1980 to:

  1. To promote and encourage the spirit of cooperation and economic self- sufficiency amongst the youth belonging to weaker sections of society in backward areas of Kashmir
  2. To aid and assist helpless, poor, destitute, members of the community, young widows and deserted young married women of the community.
  3. To impart training in papier machie craft in particular and other handicrafts in general to provide them with a skill and profession from which they can earn a decent livelihood.
  4. To organize and conduct sub-centres, workshops and other institutions for carrying out the objectives of the society.
  5. To establish, maintain, and manage training-cum production unit or units in Kashmiri handicrafts for the benefit of the youth.
  6. To set up a library and reading room for benefit of the youth to acquire knowledge and conduct research of new designs in handicrafts.
  7. To help the trained and skilled youth in finding suitable avenues for earnings.
  8. To assist the deserving trainees on successful completion of the training to start their own small enterprises.

    To arrange health care services to the members and their promotion of the objects of the society and no portion there of shall be paid or divided among any of its members by way of profit.

  9. To authorize the grant of loan to a member for genuine reasons marriage, medical expenses, construction of house. The loan thus granted shall be recovered from the member’s wages in such installments as the Executive Committee of the society decides.