Norbulingka Institute

Norbulingka Institute

Norbulingka Institute

P.O. Sidhpur
Dharamsala, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
India 176 057

M: 91-1892-22664, 23575

F: 91-1892-24982, 24468


The Norbulingka Institute is committed to preserving the Tibetan art and culture.
The Norling Arts shop showcases Tibetan arts and crafts and for sale can be purchased the complete range of garments, soft furnishings, handicrafts and jewellery.

The Norling Centre for Arts combines training with production of high quality art objects: Statue making, Thangkha painting, applique work, wood carving, metal work, silk screen Library is presently contains about one thousand volumes in Tibetan. Losel Doll Museum houses a collection of more than one hundred and sixty dolls as a result of careful research.Tibetans in exile have no national museum and many of these costumes no longer exist in Tibet. The Losel doll collection therefore represents a valuable resource that displays exact replicas of the original costumes. Beautifully crafted and minutely executed, the one hundred and forty characters in the Losel Doll Museum’s collection, exhibited in ten displays vividly depict the regional, ritual, religious, official and theatrical costumes of Tibet.