Kachchh Museum

Kachchh Museum

Kachchh Museum

Mahadev Gate
Bhuj, Gujarat
India 370 001

The museum exhibits anthropological objects, archaeological objects, minor arts and crafts, shipping, numismatics, paintings, arms, textile section, gold and silver gallery, natural history section.

Renowned experts on heritage conservation, based in Australia, will restore Kutch Museum one of Gujarat’s oldest museum and heritage structure that was badly damaged during the devastating earthquake in 2001. The museum houses over 20,000 rare artifacts including a collection of inscriptions, collection of arms and armoury, paintings and a rare collection of coins including the state’s own currency, kori, issued in 1617. According top AusHeritage experts, the museum is badly damaged and experts are needed to restore the contents.

The Aina Mahal, or the Hall of Mirrors, is a part of the Museum. It has walls of white marble covered with mirror separated with gilded ornaments. It is lit by elaborate pendant candelabra with shades of Venetian glass and is filled with a collection of objects, like, a Dutch Clock, English and French celestial globes, antique pictures, mechanical toys, glass and china. The Aina Mahal alone cost 8 million koris to build.

The museum earlier referred to as the Ferguson Museum also contains a picture gallery, an anthroplogical section, an archaelogical section, textiles, weapons, musical instruments, a shipping section, and even stuffed animals. The museum also houses the wooden celestial elephant of Hindu mythology, named Airawat.

The museum has a library.
Film shows: Friday 3.30 p.m. 4 p.m.