Manual Wood-Cutting Machine


Manual Wood-Cutting Machine

KarunaKant Nath

The manual wood cutting machine is an energy saving device that works on the principle of inertia of motion. The machine can be used to cut big logs as well as wood for furniture .

Wood has been used as the structural material. Some parts are made of steel and RCC. The height of the machine ranges from 5-10 ft. It consists of two wooden columns on which steel channels are fitted, a Bed, two Fly wheels made of composite material i.e. steel and RCC, two connecting rods made of wood, cutting blade, flexible clamp made of iron and eight Ball bearings.

Two steel channels are fitted on the two wooden columns within which the vertical up- down movement of the bed through the bearings is possible. The arrangement of the bearings is itself an innovation. In this system two composite flywheels are fitted on the top of the machine through two wooden columns. Two connecting rods made of wood are fitted with the flywheels. The other end of the connecting rods is fitted with the bed. Cycle tubes are connected to the bed to store energy during the reciprocating movement.
These link mechanisms are done in such a manner that the vertical movement of the connecting rods causes a rotary motion of the wheels and a vertical linear motion of the cutter. A cutting blade is fitted on the middle of the machine vertically.
Compared to existing options such as an electrical saw mill or manual labour, the manual wood cutting machine has a number of advantages. The manual wood cutting machine costs only Rs.12, 000 as compared to an electrical saw mill which costs Rs.1,00,000. In addition there are no running costs as it does not require any power supply as compared to the saw mill which requires a 10 HP motor. The cost of cutting wood as well as the time required is less than that needed if manual labour is used. In addition, it is quite efficient and easy to operate, thus reducing drudgery. It assumes relevance in the current scenario where the government has banned the setting up of new power saw mills and thus people have to wait for long hours at saw mills to get their wood cut.


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