Bamboo Splints Making Device for Incense Sticks

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Bamboo Splints Making Device for Incense Sticks

Usman Shekhani

According to the Mechanical Engineering Department Laboratory of Rungta College of Engineering in Bhilai, this machine can help in converting 95 per cent of the bamboo into useful product. The innovation is cost effective manually operated device that helps reduce drudgery. The machine is portable, requires no electricity and maintenance cost is minimal. The device can provide gainful employment to the lakhs of rural people in cottage industry sector. It also increases the efficiency of bamboo workers as 2000 sticks can be manufactured per hour using this device whereas previously this work was done manually.

The unique handy cutter consists of a wooden bracket, high speed steel blades, adjustable screws and spring loaded pushing roller. This device helps in cutting a bamboo strip into five sticks at a time and thus improving the efficiency of stick making and reducing the cost per stick. The handy cutter comes with a set which includes a hack saw blade and frame, bamboo slice maker made of high carbon steel blade, big knife, scale and pencils.


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