Paitkar Painting of Jharkhand

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Paitkar Painting of Jharkhand

Paitkar Painting is a unique form of scroll painting, consisting of multiple frames arranged vertically. The width of the scroll can vary from 4 to 14 inches, while the length ranges from 2 to 15 feet. The art form primarily depicts tales from local mythology and folklore on scrolling canvas made from paper or cloth. The colors used in Paitkar paintings are primarily yellow, red, blue, and green, which are extracted from natural sources such as soil and plants from the local forests of southeastern Jharkhand.

The two-dimensional frames of Paitkar paintings do not incorporate any light or dark shades. Instead, the border of the figures is typically drawn in black or deep maroon lines. The facial expressions of the characters are emphasized through large eyes and bold physiques. Women’s beauty is often depicted with flowers adorning their hair knots. The artists use the look of the Shimul tree Bombax ceiba while drawing trees, and the branches are always erected upwards, showcasing their work in the plateau area.

The paintings often showcase women carrying water, emphasizing the social importance of water, which women ferry from far-off places. Male figures in the paintings often depict poverty and suffering, which may be related to the social plight of the geography.

To create Paitkar paintings, artists use cloth or paper, brushes made from hair of squirrels and goats hair, naturally made colors, natural adhesives, and bamboo sticks.




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