Gota Patti/ Applique Ribbons Embroidery of Rajasthan

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Gota Patti/ Applique Ribbons Embroidery of Rajasthan

The production of gota ribbons is carried out in Nyla village, Khandela village, Jaipur city and Jauhari bazaar of Jaipur district. They are used as edging or or cut and folded into different types of motifs to be stitched onto a base fabric to create multitude of design and patterns. Items such as seekhiya gota or simple tape, lappa gota or twill-woven tape, siru gota or striped with colored motifs, sal gota or striated tape, thappa gota or heat set tape and gokhru or hand-crimped tape are executed under this craft-from. Tools such as loom, needle, thread, scissors, ari or hook and wooden frame are required for the crafting process.

Gota Patti (also called, Gota-Kinari Kaam, or Lappe ka Kaam) is a form of metal embroidery that originated in Rajasthan. The style involves elaborate designs with gold, silver, and copper using the applique technique- method of stitching fabric on larger fabric. Craftsmen specialising in Gota Patti are largely found in Bikaner, Ajmer, Jaipur and Udaipur.

This style of embroidery gained its popularity during the Mughal rule. The embroidery is found on the borders of lehenga cholis, kurtas, sarees, and dupattas along with cushion covers, bed sheets, jhola bags, household accessories and rugs. Gota patti has no set style, size or form. The colours, thickness, designs all vary depending on the garment and personal choice, however floral patterns are quite common. This embroidery style has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few decades. 




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