Carpet Weaving of West Bengal

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Carpet Weaving of West Bengal

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The community of bhutias weave carpets in wool, a task performed mainly by the women. The designs are inspired from Tibet. The Tribal Welfare Centre makes ordinary carpets on the big looms, but better looking ones on the loin-looms. Another place which is a fully functional carpet-making unit is the Tibetan Refugees Self-Help Centre. The motifs are derived from various elements in Tibetan iconography and ancient beliefs, woven into an integrated composition which results in a bold design. Strong colours are used to offset muted shades.
One of the most famous dragon motifs of Tibetan origin is the duk goh, a standing version. When a bird is also present in the same motif then it is called as dhuk thang gyaja. Pema gyaja is a lotus with a bird and pema thang gumbo is a combination of lotus and bats. Gyaja thang medok is a combination of a bird and flower and nehtsho thang medok is a combination of a parrot and flower. Another motif has flowers in the field with a broken border of flowers and swastikas alternating, and another one is the Wall of China. Kalimpong also has a centre for Tibetan carpets. Bhutanese, Nepalese, and Lepcha weavers make Tibetan style carpets. The carpets are exported and also cater to local needs.


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