Cane and Bamboo of Bihar and Jharkhand

Cane, Bamboo

Cane and Bamboo of Bihar and Jharkhand

Craft Revival Trust

In tropical climates, crafting with bamboo is an ancient tradition and the versatility of the raw material has been amply demonstrated. The thick bamboo stems are used in building, woven mats for floors, and partitions for walls. Cut-bamboo culms are used as containers for water, and as simple scoops for cooking and stirring the food. Baskets and furniture are also made with this versatile resource. Large baskets of bamboo are thickly covered with mud and are used to store grain. Baskets with lids to keep precious possessions, beautiful lamps and lanterns, and elegant furniture and tableware are some of the products made by the artisans of the state. The Chota Nagpur tribal belt has rich and extensive jungles with abundant bamboo groves and the tribals make beautiful bamboo basketry. Embellishments and designs on cane and bamboo differ from one region to the other and each one specialises in adding a different finish to the final product.


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