The World of Sankho Chaudhury

Art History/Craft History

The World of Sankho Chaudhury

Sethi, Ritu

In January 2008 the Craft Revival Trust mounted an exhibition of the folk and tribal objects collected by the eminent sculptor the Late Prof Sankho Chaudhury. The vast majority of the pieces on display at the India International Centre, New Delhi that formed the core of the collection were collected from the hinterland of India, while objects from Africa, Nepal and other countries added to the world view. Collected over a lifetime these handcrafted objects formed an eclectic mix of items used in villages for the conduct of the everyday - for adornment, for cooking and eating, for reaping and sowing, by the scholar, for prayer and ritual use and for play all providing a glimpse into a refined and mindful time. These objects of anonymous craftsmanship created in materials ranging from wood, clay, metal and leather were artfully embellished often belying their mundane usage. Though paramount in the making was the usage, functionality and practicality of the object with a built in strength to endure the wear and tear of long term daily usage they simultaneously reflect an attention to detail, holding a mirror to the aesthetics of a people who surrounded themselves with objects that spoke of an inherent love for form, balance and patterning be it the humble ladle or the gourd pot. Harking back to a time not so long ago where the consumer and the maker negotiated, and products were tailored for individual preference, specific requirements and needs in contrast to the mass produced items of today. The purpose of posting these objects on is to make available to the v...


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