Sanskrit, Ancient Indian Scriptures and its Effect on Indian Costumes

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Sanskrit, Ancient Indian Scriptures and its Effect on Indian Costumes

Arora, Vishu

Hindu religion and scriptures have inspired human beings to live a spiritual life. These scriptures were predominately composed in Sanskrit with the Vedas being the oldest Sanskrit literature. The hymns or mantras, Sanskrit phrases, sacred symbols, Hindu Gods and historical epics of Hindu religion have always enlightened human minds. Since historical times, these hymns were recited on every occasion, be it joyous or sad. These sacred symbols were used to energize the universe with positivity. Now days, these hymns and sacred symbols are incorporated into the modern attire. The motifs inspired from historical epics and ethnic drapes of sari and dhoti are very much in fashion in present times. Sanskrit was part of our lives centuries back and even today in some or the other way, it is connected with us. Costumes of early times The term costume can be referred to as a dress in general or a particular class or period with distinguishing characteristics. Costume is one of the most visible signs of civilization. It provides the visual evidence of the life style of the wearers. Each community had different costumes. It was the community that used to decide what to wear, how to wear, the distinctions to be made in the costumes on the basis of sex and age, class and castes, religion and region, occasion and occupation. There used to be a community sanction as to which part of the body was covered or what ...


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