Design for Need Vs Need for Design

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Design for Need Vs Need for Design

Patel, Usha Nehru

Design has truly become a global phenomenon more than ever before. The design products of today are instrumental in shaping a worldwide material culture and impacting on the quality of our lives and our environment, which in turn is influencing our experience and level of perception. The conscious efforts made today, by the present day designers will show an enduring effect on the future environment of tomorrow. Designers need to be precocious and concerned about the growing needs of the future. They need to create designs which not only look at new materials or new technology or to the new industrial processes for better performance but also work hard towards educating the masses for ethically relevant design solutions which are real- need based, humanistic and offer sustainable solutions. Fascination for Technologically developed complicated design products needs to reduce and appreciation for human-centric approach to design become important and relevant. Designers need to play a dual role for the betterment of the society. They need an intelligent design thinking where products are designed according to the social and environment requirements and they need to inform as well as educate the consumer about the fine distinction between good, acceptable design to bad unacceptable designs The action and choice taken by designers today would determine global material culture of tomorrow. Every individual- creat...


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