An Annotated Bibliography on Tharu Folk Art

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An Annotated Bibliography on Tharu Folk Art

Meyer, Kurt W. and Meyer, Pamela D.


The proceedings of the 1995 conference on the Tharu. The Meyer’s chapter gives an overview of Tharu wall art and architecture, with color photographs.

  • “Who are the Tharu, National Minority and Identity as Manifested in Housing Forms and Practices?” In Harald O. Skar, ed., Nepal: Tharu and Tarai Neighbors. (Proceedings of the 1995 Conference on the Tharu, Oslo.) Bibliotheca Himalayica, Series III, v. 16. Kathmandu: EMR, 1999.
  • The Myer’s documented one Tharu village’s song/dance version of the Mahabharata, last held in 1998, with a documentary video and with a translation of the song-poems into English:
  • The Mahabharata: Tharu Barka Naach, documentary video. Producers; director: Deependra Gauchan. A Tharu rural version of the Mahabharata, performed in 1998 by the farmers of Dang Valley, Nepal. [Available at Insight Media under “Barka Naach”
    http:/ ], 1999
  • Mahabharata: the Barka Naach, a rural folk art version told by the Dangaura Tharu people of Jalaura, Dang Valley, Nepal. Editors/publishers. A translation of the song-poems of this local Tharu interpretation of the Mahabharata. Kathmandu: Himal Press, 1999
  • The Meyers contributed the Nepali element to the book and museum exhibit at the University of California/Los Angeles documenting rice-related artistic uses/themes in ten Asian countries. Their work focused on the Tharu granary. This is the 540 page catalogue for the exhibit, a rich documentation in writing and photography:
  • “The Granary of the Tharu of Nepal.” In Roy W. Hamilton, ed., The Art of Rice: Spirit and Sustenance in Asia. The catalogue for the exhibit of the same name, to which the Meyers contributed the Nepal element. Los Angeles: UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, 2003
  • 3 articles, illustrated with photos, in Shangrila Magazine.
  • “Ethnic Color: People of the Eastern Tarai.” Meyer + Meyer. Article and photographs. Kathmandu: Shangri-la Magazine, Vol. 7 no. 3, 1996
  • “Tihar in the Tarai.” Meyer + Meyer. Article and photographs. Kathmandu: Shangri-la Magazine. Vol. 7 No. 4. , 1996
  • “On the Home Front: House decorations in the Tarai.” Meyer + Meyer. Article and photographs. Kathmandu: Shangrila Magazine. Vol. 7 No. 1., 1996
  • Tharu history. The history of the Tharu in the Tarai as revealed through the facsimiles of the original legal documents of grants from the kings of Nepal to Tharu over two and a half centuries. published in both Nepali and English versions.
  • The Kings of Nepal and the Tharu of the Tarai: Facsimiles of Royal Land Grant Documents issued from 1726-1971. Editors/publishers/contributors. The history of the role of the Tharu in developing Nepal’s Tarai lowlands is shown through the translation, explanation and full-color facsimile images of 50 old royal documents. Kathmandu: Rusca Press and the Center for Nepal and Asian Studies, Tribhuvan University, 2000

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